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iBlipper FAQ

The magic of "rapid serial visual presentation" (RSVP)

While speed reading techniques attempt to retrain the eye, RSVP removes many of the eye movements required in reading allowing the user to just soak in the words. It's a longstanding technique with a lot of research behind it.

How to use

iBlipper is designed for landscape mode, so turn your iPhone horizontal. Each message you blip can be bookmarked or sent to a friend for later replay.

App Store Version

Saving Blps

On the control panel, accessed by clicking "Blip It" and orienting the phone vertically just click "Save Blip" to store your message for later use.

Deleting Blips

The small X beside your saved blips will remove them from your local storage.

Web Version


Your latest blip will be auto-saved in the web version so you can queue up a message for later speedy delivery.

What parameters can I set? (REST API)

iBlipper supports the following URL parameters:
  • q: the text to be blipped, URIEncode(txt) recommended
  • d: duration of words in millisecond
  • r: repetitions
See for an example and blip your tweets!

How iBlipper was built?

iBlipper is built on top of the open source PhoneGap project. Thanks to Tony Gines for the creative commons licensed emoticons.